New Product’s Launch

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Market demand for cosmetic products which are applied to the skin is really big. When we were shopping, both in traditional markets and supermarkets, our eyes would have been spoiled with rows of skin care products with the concept, as well as different forms. Not infrequently, a leather brand can only survive so many months and in the next month is already disappearing from the market. Surely products that survive are unique, so that consumers are interested in buying the next offset by programs that are tempting to the consumer.

selinaStarting from that point, and also to strengthen the positioning of Buanaindah as Marketing Company, then at the date of March 1, 2016 ago, we have launched a new brand that is SELINA. Selina is inspired from Skinfood which was a trend in Korea. With the concept of “France Cosmetics”, Selina comes with a new concept that has not been widely cultivated in Indonesia.

Comes with a new category, namely Body Soufflé makes Selina has a higher commercial value when compared to similar products in the market. Skin cream is very soft, durable but easy to clean, enriched with vitamin E and Shea Butter that serves as extra moisturizing and protecting the skin from exposure to environmental oxidants. Coupled with Unique Perfume are on a different fragrance and durable is the Unique Selling Point of Selina. Selina itself will come with four unique variants, namely Selina Body Soufflé Red Velvet, Selina Body Soufflé Strawberry Cheese Cake, Selina Blueberry Cheese Soufflé Body and Selina Body Soufflé Cake Cookie & Cream.

Selina eventually will develop into Umbrella Brand for Personal Care products aimed at women with a unique concept to the market targeting girls and women aged 20 years and over who tend to be consumptive and less loyal to a brand.