Indonesia is ranked 16 world economic powers with the 45 million people who are middle to upper class.
Although still uneven population distribution in which about 53% of the total population live in urban areas but can be accounted for 74% of total national GDP. As many as 55 million people are skilled workers.

With the state of Indonesia such as this, are still an estimated open market of $ 5 billion in the sector of consumer goods and services, agriculture and fisheries, energy and education. And is expected in 2030, Indonesia will grow to rank 7th world economic power with a population of upper-middle class is about 135 million people with an estimated 71% of the population live in urban areas that generate 86% of total national GDP. With sustained as many as 113 million people who are skilled workers, there were an estimated 1.8 billion USD grabs a ready market for consumer goods and services sectors, agriculture and fisheries, energy and education.

Departing from this is an open opportunity, on the 5th of September 2012,  PT. Buanaindah Marketama Sejahtera has established as a marketing company that focus on body care products for the upper middle class segment. Some of them are brand HG® Shampoo & Hair Tonic and HG® Shampoo & Hair Tonic for Women for the hair care segment, Lovama® Maternity Care and Selina® for skin care segment. Even HG® Shampoo & Hair Tonic and HG® Shampoo & Hair Tonic for Women has become one of the excellent products and the choice of consumers to help grow hair. HG® Shampoo & Hair Tonic be the only hair care products that get a green label on Guardian® which means one of the best selling products (fast moving) are often sought after by consumers.

PT. Buanaindah Marketama Sejahtera has now become a company that provide innovative and high-quality beauty products and services. As a marketing company, Buanaindah run its business activities based on the principles of good corporate governance so as to competitive high in the era of globalization.




We believe that nature has provided the best in human beings and Indonesia is one of the countries with the most abundant natural resources. This belief inspires us to create a natural body care products are made from the natural wealth of Indonesia which we believe are the best ingredients to keep the beauty and natural treatments every human being.

PT. Buanaindah Marketama Sejahtera strive to continue to develop what has been achieved and also always make improvements in all aspects to achieve its vision and mission, namely:

The Vision

Being every personal choice, customers, business partners and investors for a better future.

The Mission
Give inspiration and solutions to improve the quality of life of individuals through the best products and services.