Most of the graduates have a rational motivation. While others have emotional motivation to make a difference in the world and build a business. In Buanaindah, you will have the opportunity to develop both of these motivations, and to grow professionally.


Whatever career you're interested; namely the fields of Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, or other fields; You will become an important part of our business. You will begin to understand the workings of a marketing company, which focuses on body care products for the upper middle class segment.



Some brands include HG® Shampoo & Hair Tonic and HG® Shampoo & Hair Tonic for Women that focus on hair care, Lovama® and Selina® that focus on skin care has been marketed.

Even HG® Shampoo & Hair Tonic and HG® Shampoo & Hair Tonic for Women has become one of the excellent products and the choice of consumers to help grow hair. HG® Shampoo & Hair Tonic be the only hair care products that get a green label on Guardian® which means one of the best selling products (fast moving) are often sought after by consumers.

And because our company is enriched by the diversity of a global mindset, then you will understand how we can benefit from a variety of cultures and perspectives.

You will see that entry-level positions in our company have several characteristics in common. Responsibility and independence are the main demands. So while you're training, you need to be committed to using formal development and field training as well as possible.


To get ahead, we need to fight together to improve our lives. You need to determine your own future and always ready to learn new things later. We help our employees to see a career as a journey. You can see a lot of opportunities to improve, expand or deepen your knowledge and expertise. The important thing here is the flexibility and the ability to look far ahead. But rest assured, with more than 2,000 leading brands and spirit to move forward, in Buanaindah no stay in place for a long time - especially talented young professionals.


Please send your application and resume to: