Since April 1, 2015, we have cooperated with PT. Mensa Bina Sukses in distributing products to all distribution channels that have cooperated with us. The distribution channels for our products include: :

  1. Traditional Channel (TC) covering Cosmetics Retail, Wholesale Cosmetics, Salon, Salon Supplier, Wholesale, PBF and Non Retail Merchants.
  2. Medical Channel (MC) which includes Independent Pharmacies, Local Networked Pharmacy, National Networked Pharmacy, Supermarket Pharmacies, Drug Stores and other Pharmaceutical Wholesale.
  3. Modern Channel that includes :
    • Modern Trade Independence (MTI) which includes the Local Supermarket, Local Networked Supermarket.
    • Modern Channel which includes National Networked Supermarket.

Our products have been distributed to 31 distributor's warehouses :

  1. Greater Sumatera has 8 branch warehouses
  2. Greater Jakarta has 1 central warehouse and 6 branch warehouses
  3. Java has 9 branch warehouses
  4. Greater Kalimantan has 3 branch warehouses
  5. Greater Sulawesi has 2 branch warehouses
  6. Bali & East Indonesia has 3 branch warehouses


Distribution of the products is systematically updated every 24 hours so that the status of the product can be detected directly, whether the products is in good stock condition or products is in bad stock condition and also products in the shipping process.

As from July 1, 2015, we have also been working with the Online Channel include Market Place Channel, Online Shopping Channel and more which is handled internally (in-house distribution) without going through a distributor in the acceptance of orders from products packing to deliver the products directly to consumers.